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Psychotherapist Stacey Dombrowsky, Rogers TV show host of Mind Matters sits down with authors of UnderMind, Tanya Chernova & Joanna Andros, to discuss the subconscious programs of success and sabotage. Click the play button to hear this fascinating interview.


National Talk Show Host Teresa Kruze of Living Clean Living Well sits down with Joanna and Tanya of PNRT for a profound look at why people sabotage their greatest dreams and how to breakthrough addiction, depression and more. Joanna & Tanya also take live calls addressing today’s most pressing concerns.

What’s the Difference Between Personal Growth & Personal Freedom?

PNRT Therapist Certification Program


Evolve Into A New Paradigm Of Therapy. Enrich Your Practice, And Broaden Your Skills.

As a therapist, do you ever find yourself discouraged when clients simply can’t breakthrough and move beyond their irrational patterns of self sabotage, incessant inner chatter or trauma?

Conscious awareness alone does not always lead to resolution or healing.

You have been trained to identify the underlying problems, create awareness, consciously re-frame the issues and help your client to take rational and controlled steps to heal. But what happens when they are stuck, become disengaged from the process or drop out prematurely?

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UnderMind: The Book

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There are seven core beliefs that are quietly living and breathing in the subconscious minds of millions of people.  They are the pillars of a corrupt unconscious belief system that sabotages success, and because of them bank accounts dwindle, self-esteem suffers, relationships fail, health falters, and inner peace is always out of reach. UnderMind explains how each of these beliefs is causing people to waste their potential and live entire lifetimes of dissatisfaction and limited success. It goes on to reveal an innovative new method that frees human beings from their self-imposed prisons – in only hours. Read more

Sarah In The Dark

Sound familiar? ALL of us walk around with a voice in our head that influences our actions. Whether it is working in the positive or the negative, it is alive and well and creating our reality. There is a need for a new kind of therapy that gets to the core of this inner chatter and heals the self-sabotage for good. Inner peace and supportive self-talk is possible with PNRT.