Therapist Certification Program

As a therapist, do you ever find yourself discouraged when clients simply can’t breakthrough and move beyond their irrational patterns of self sabotage, incessant inner chatter or trauma?

Conscious awareness alone does not always lead to resolution or healing.

You have been trained to identify the underlying problems, create awareness, consciously reframe the issues and help your client to take rational and controlled steps to heal. But what happens when they are stuck, become disengaged from the process or drop out prematurely?

Why is PNRT Different?

PNRT – Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy is a new way to help people resolve trauma and achieve permanent change in less time.

PNRT is a new revolutionary psychotherapeutic process that heals psychological, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, financial and relational problems quickly because it goes directly to the core of the problem and immediately creates resolution.

CBT, Inner Child work and other traditional forms of psychotherapy deal with changing your thoughts on a conscious level. PNRT engages neuroplasticity to go the extra steps to change the negative neuronal wiring of the subconscious mind, which runs our lives 95%-99% of the time. This process changes the brain, heals the trauma and disengages the emotional trigger to achieve permanent change – layer by layer.

PNRT is “talk therapy” using a highly specialized set of dialogue techniques and visualization to rewire unproductive core beliefs. It does not involve hypnosis or regression.

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

    PNRT full training program is accredited for 30 CEU Hours



How Will PNRT Benefit You?

  • Be empowered and increase your ability to achieve results with the most difficult clients.
  • Learn a process that will help you resolve the deepest pain, trauma or fear within one session.
  • Be unique in your field and gain the competitive advantage over traditional therapists.
  • Increase the size and effectiveness of your practice.
  • PNRT is effective on adults, adolescents and children.
  • Benefit from the marketing engine that will send new clients to your door.
  • During the training and practice sessions you will heal and conquer many of your own limiting beliefs, which may be sabotaging your success and/or happiness.
“Investing in PNRT has been the best decision I could have made. Joanna was able to effortlessly guide me through the PNRT process, helping me to discover the parts of me that were literally sabotaging my personal success.! I am much more calm and trusting, allowing me more perspective and focus on my personal success in life. I am impressed with her intelligent and compassionate skills as a therapist And this all in a few short months. Taking the training to become a PNRT therapist with Joanna gave me an indepth perspective of how the subconscious mind controls peoples lives. She made it very easy to understand and gave me total confidence as a therapist, She is brilliant and adept in the study of the mind and as a facilitator of the knowledge to her students! I highly recommend PNRT!”

PNRT Program Overview

Through theory, case presentations, demonstrations, and experiential exercises, this intensive 4.5 day advanced training course will certify you in the protocol and practice of PNRT. It will also help you:

  • Gain new tools to effectively overcome resistance, self-sabotage and the inner child “parts” that hold unresolved trauma. Free your client to become their innate and empowered self.
  • Accelerate trauma resolution.
  • Master the process of “parts” integration to permanently rewire neural patterns.
  • Resolve personal trauma and overcome persistent obstacles in your own life.
  • Silence the negative and persistent inner chatter to help your clients achieve freedom, inner peace and self-confidence.
  • Leverage the new realm of neuroscience. Use PNRT to facilitate neuroplasticity in your practice.
  • Provide a profoundly cathartic and intimate healing experience.

If you are interested in achieving superior results, please contact Joanna Andros to discuss the criteria for a certification in PNRT – Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy.

  • The #1 Amazon bestselling book authored by the founders of PNRT. UnderMind – Discover the 7 Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Your Life and How to Overcome Them (Pre-requisite reading)
  • Uncover and heal important issues in your life with PNRT.
  • Receive a minimum of one personal session during the training program by a certified PNRT therapist. ($300 value)
  • Personally experience live PNRT therapy with at least 10 in-class and practice sessions.
  • Access a library of teaching videos and MP3’s.
  • Receive an internationally recognized Diploma.
  • 30 CEU Credits for the 4.5 day program.
  • Benefit from a marketing engine and publicity that drives new clients to your door.
  • Certified therapists will be listed on our website directory.
  • Create an immediate return on investment. Walk away with a clear strategy and action plan to grow your practice.
  • Group case supervision available.
  • Healthy lunch, snacks, beverages and all learning materials are included.
  • And more…

Pre-requisite: You must have experienced one PNRT session with a PNRT practitioner prior to taking the certification training sessions and read UnderMind, Discover the Seven Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Your Life and How to Overcome Them. You must also be a qualified pyschotherapist/therapist/practitioner/facilitator or coach who works in the emotional healing realm.

*Advanced business development training available in the Level 2 program (1 day). Create immediate return on investment. Walk away with a clear strategy and action plan to grow your practice.


Toronto, ON – September 17th & 18th

Please note, a private interview is required before acceptance into the program.

Pricing – $2497.00 + HST Regular Price.
Early Bird price $1997.00.
If interested or curious about the next program, please contact us at or 416-251-2050

Space is limited due to the intimate nature and the 1 on 1 in-class therapy.

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Introduction sessions are available. Please visit our registration page to reserve a spot or email or call Joanna at 416-251-2050 if you would like to know more.