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Psychotherapist Stacey Dombrowsky, Rogers TV show host of Mind Matters sits down with authors of UnderMind, Tanya Chernova & Joanna Andros, to discuss the subconscious programs of success and sabotage. Click the play button to hear this fascinating interview.


National Talk Show Host Teresa Kruze of Living Clean Living Well sits down with Joanna and Tanya of PNRT for a profound look at why people sabotage their greatest dreams and how to breakthrough addiction, depression and more. Joanna & Tanya also take live calls addressing today’s most pressing concerns.

What’s the Difference Between Personal Growth & Personal Freedom?



I have a partner who is a clear case of this and she has been through 5 Toronto treatment centers and still struggles with her addiction and trauma and we were just talking about how all of the treatment places she has been in do NOT address the underlying issues and I by fluke came across your show last night on living sober living well and I had to contact you. Is there anything you can do to help her find the proper therapy here in Toronto with PNRT? Im am afraid that she is at a crucial stage with all the failure in her recovery she is suicidal severely depressed and starting to give up on herself. The strength and courage she had 4 years ago when she started to tackle this is now grief and self hate. Thank You for any help you may give. My number is 416 697 7504

Joanna & Tanya

Hi Lee,
Yes PNRT goes that next step and addresses the underlying issue to facilitate real healing and change. It is different than conventional therapy and will help your partner. I will call you today.

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