We get hundreds of verbal testimonials to the effectiveness of PRNT; here are a few that have taken the time to write their stories of life changing results. May they inspire you to realize that there is hope for real lasting change and it is available now.  We are also listed on Cellular Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s resource page for Energy Psychology Modalities.  He is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology and focuses on the mechanisms through which energy in the form of our beliefs can affect our biology, including our genetic code.

I wanted to follow up with you….and say Thank you. I really enjoyed working with you, and having the PNRT session.

I also wanted to share with you….some things I’ve noticed since we’ve done the session. There is a subtle shift in my confidence/acceptance ( what I mean is my confidence has turned more into appreciation when I’m doing something…I don’t feel like I have to hide my best, and I’m not egoic about it either), it is fun to be appreciative of myself. I’ve also found physically there was a big shift….I haven’t been able to take a deep deep breath in a long time, it would always stop or be energetically restricted in between my heart and throat chakra (between shoulder blades). And after our session, I spent a couple of days just meditating and breathing, and it was unbelievable how my flexibility and ability to breath into my whole spine and body came rushing back to me. This is huge for me… I feel like my energy is flowing again.

I also both subconsciously and consciously realize it’s ok and (good) to want, need and desire – my 4/5 year old wasn’t allowing me to do that….without guilt or an unbalanced exchange (probably why I gave so much my whole life). I will always be a giver….it energizes me to help others, now I am also open to RECEIVING.

That’s big….I can breathe….and I can receive.

I am so grateful for having worked with you. Thank you, Thank you. (I have tears of gratitude as I write this)

As a woman who was molested as a little girl, I did know I had a problem. But what I wanted -what I needed- was a solution. That is what Joanna Andros with her ‘process’ of identifying systems of beliefs/emotional blocks has given me: a solution to an old and complex problem, a tool to help me to heal a deep wound and -above all- hope to finally being able to find -and be- myself, my “true” self.

Over the last decade I have tried psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, positive psychology, EFT and Reiki. I have read countless books and tried many of the self-help techniques available. Although I gained awareness and understanding, I felt my childhood trauma would haunt me forever. From the very first PNRT session, I felt a shift, and a natural change of attitude I had not felt before. Each layer that I uncovered brought me closer to my true self. I am no longer being sabotaged by these subconscious parts and I finally feel for the first time that I have inner peace and control over my life.

Joanna’s approach is rather different, yet extremely effective. I feel treated as a human being as any other (no labels here!) ) who -for rather unfortunate circumstances- learned and implemented unhealthy patterns of behavior and/or beliefs that prevent a life enjoyed and lived to the fullest extent. I am my own “expert” under the gentle and neutral guidance of Joanna (she is the “silent witness” that Alice Miller liked to describe as key for the recovery of any abused child); my strengths are constantly highlighted -and thanked for- as well as instrumental to resolve and overcome my weaknesses. In just three sessions, I have got a “quiet and peaceful” mind than ever before; with the ‘brain chatter’ gone, the ‘real’ me is allowed to come out.

Before I had my session I had reoccurring thoughts of not being good enough, not trusting myself and hating myself for making poor decisions. I am successful in my life as perceived by others but inside, these thoughts were constant and tormenting and took up my joy and prevented me from acknowledging my accomplishments or feeling satisfied with my life. The PNRT process for me was completely transformational but laborious because I have a hard time releasing my emotions. I felt the belief systems that were running me were accurate and I could not easily forgive myself. Joanna was extremely patient and consistent with her work and kept me focused and releasing. I finally got to the source of when I made these decisions when I was eight years old and resolved them with this child, forgave myself and released the guilt, fear and pressure I had been holding all that time. Now I feel peaceful and present; like I can live in the NOW because the past is no longer holding me. I am excited for all that is ahead. Now that the old childhood pattern is broken, I can live my life happy and free as an adult.

It has been one month since the process and the negative thoughts and feelings have not returned. I have greater inner peace and more confidence that all is well and working in my favor. I notice that the habits or slip ups I get with regards to food or dealing with daily tasks still occur but my reaction to them is no longer triggers all of these negative thoughts and instead I manage them with candor and ease. I can forgive myself and let go more easily.

I can already tell how helpful and beneficial our work last week has been… multiple money-related conversations have been happening in the week since then and …. I have not cried or felt upset once. I occasionally had to take a deep breath and remind the little girl that she doesn’t need to worry… she just needs to sing. Surprisingly enough I even voluntarily updated/amended a spreadsheet that my mother had created to help us track my loan payments to her… and… drum roll please… it was actually rather fun… Our work helped me to remember that before math and money became interlinked for me I used to actually enjoy algebra. A striking revelation for me*.

(*client could not previously discuss money matters without crying or being completely overwhelmed.)

The past three months I have been getting more and more migraines, but still not understanding why. So I started the PNRT process, and what came up was my little 11 year old inner child was so mad that my mom died and that she wasn’t there to guide me and protect me from marrying a terrible man.   My part (inner child) said she holds in her anger in my head, neck and shoulders and stuffs it there to numb me out. So in the PNRT process all that anger I was stuffing came out, and wow! Was I livid, I angry, cried, and screamed.  So getting the headaches was her way to punish me with pain.  Also the pain in my neck, head and shoulders was a way to prevent me from showing anger, I learned to stuff my feelings, yet as a 46 year old woman I know that what you bury alive eventually comes out alive, but that little part of me was so powerful and running me, I never knew how angry I really was at my mom dying and not protecting me. So I went through the process of letting the little part of me know that I am 46yrs now, and I can take care of things myself. So after the PNRT process, I don’t feel mad at my mom anymore, and I know there are some more layers to address in regards to my migraines, but I believe I’m on the right track, because after I released a lot of buried anger that I never knew I had, the pain in my head started to let up right away.

I want to thank-you for taking the time to do your process on me. I can’t believe that my 7 year old was running my life and belief systems. This younger version of me was stopping me from living my life fully!

I found it amazing that through your process I could literally picture myself at the age of 7 riding around my parent’s driveway on my airplane bike wearing blue shorts and a white short sleeve top.

You help me identify and speak to my 7 year old, who made the decision that he had to be responsible taking care of Mom and providing nice things for her that my Father neglected in doing. I wanted to make her happy. I created this belief that it was my job to do so till I grew up.

This 7 year old did not realize that I was a 43 year old man capable of making my own decisions.

Me as a 43 year old, knew that my Mom could take care and provide for herself, and was quite happy doing so. However my subconscious 7 year old did not see it that way; until you introduced each part to each other. Once the 7 year realized that I was a grown man, he was able to release all responsibility and decisions to my care.

Days after the process I feel lighter and carefree. I don’t feel responsible in thinking that I have to make my Mom happy every day. I can now focus on living and creating happiness within my own life.

I have had the privilege of working with Joanna Andros and had PNRT done a few months ago.

At the time, I was having concerns with feeling very overwhelmed in my life about a failed business. I was having anxiety and carrying the stress around my body on a daily basis. I had visited doctors because my body was breaking down because of all the stress.

I wanted very much to focus again on my career, my relationship -hoping to get married and start a family as well as a new business. I always felt the responsibility that I could not start to enjoy my life until I handled the clean up around the business. I had tried many other methods – meditation, counseling, books and many courses but I always felt there was something that I couldn’t see or get my head around.

It was really this process that caused a huge shift in my life and began my miraculous transformation.

During the process it was uncovered that as a child I decided that I had to be responsible, and that only once everything and everyone else was taken care of -then I could enjoy my life – which always left me waiting for my turn. Once Joanna guided me through the process of resetting this for myself I immediately felt relief right in that moment and I knew leaving her place that my life would be changed forever.

I didn’t notice how smoothly things transformed – its only now looking back a few months later that I realize how much has changed. I am getting married!  I am pregnant! and I have started a new business which I am totally passionate about! The past business issues are not complete yet – however they are in the works – but the key thing to notice is that I don’t have anxiety, or worry but instead have an incredible sense of peace and tranquility -and a feeling that everything is working out and unfolding as it should.

I am so grateful for this process – it works miracles.

Joanna was committed to spending the time needed to break through the barriers that held me back all these years.  I feel safe to open up and talk to Joanna and feel that she truly cares about my emotional well being.  I am able to stop the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that has been holding me back from living my best life.  My journey is now based on my true self desires.  There is a calmness and peace and understanding in my life, which has replaced fear, anxiety and lack of trust.  Thank you Joanna for your dedication in truly helping people!”

I didn’t get a chance to really thank you for spending the time with me yesterday like I wanted to.  I think the best way to thank you is tell you what happened this morning. My hubby was very amorous with me and wanted to have some intimate time together.  We made love and while we were just fooling around in the beginning I was talking to my womb and telling her that it was all going to be great.  My husband and I had a wonderful intimate time but the real thank you is, there was no pain… ABSOLUTELY no pain at all.  It was shocking to me actually and my husband wanted to perform in a very lively way which typically has been difficult – but not this morning.

Today, I caught myself smiling when I was walking down the street; I was happy not just content.  This was certainly different to what I would call my “normal”, “familiar” self.  My sister once told me I always looked very serious, almost stern in the expression of my face.  I have to admit that even myself – when looking in the mirror – could see that.  I could smile, no question, but a smile did not seem to come naturally to me.

Yesterday, I met Joanna Andros for the first time and she helped me to get in touch with that part (parts) of me long time forgotten or and/or repressed.  The session was emotionally draining, but clearly worth it.  Today, after 40 years, I finally allowed myself to be happy, to enjoy being alive and smile!  You may try to ignore and/or forget those areas of yourself that are not so “pretty” (or “nice” or “good”). But eventually they become an inner voice difficult to ignore: they may be deafening even in their quiet voice!

With the guidance of Joanna, I was able to “go back in time” and through landscapes I have seen many times in my dreams.  No question I was in touch with my unconscious.  Moreover, the “brain chatter” inside my head has calmed down and – when appears – I am able to “engage” with that part of myself that I have kept for so long.

Tomorrow, I have my next session.  I look forward to getting re-acquainted with myself and finally becoming a “non-fragmented” woman that accepts herself fully and is able to enjoy life with no fear.

(client was raped for two years by father)

On one of my sessions with Joanna I went in with a very fuzzy head and not clear on anything. I was feeling very scattered.  I had an ongoing headache for days. We had done several sessions before and dissolved many layers of my core beliefs. This session was particularly revealing and emotional.

As she talked me into a state of presence to my feelings and where the inner chatter was coming from we found it to be a very young little girl (me at 6 years).  I witnessed a man (neighbour) molesting his own daughter. I was surprised to remember the feelings associated with that memory.  This had left a forever lasting impression of men on me. I feared them. I felt they only wanted one thing and that they could never be trusted.  I could not understand how my parents could have left me with a man capable of this.

As Joanna made me more present to the actually situation and started to deal with what I had seen and how it made me feel. I could feel how I had frozen when I saw him. His awful smile when he noticed that I had seen what he had done and the fear and disgust it left me with. I started to feel sick to my stomach as I did that day. I knew at that young age what he was doing was wrong and could not do anything about it. I was afraid of him. As we continued through the session the sick feel became very real and I actually had to run to the bathroom because I felt I was going to be sick. I dry vomited to let go of everything that had to do with that day and incident. In doing so when I came back to finish the session I was able to see a little girl inside prior to that day that was carefree, happy and picking the neighbours flowers.

I was able to forgive myself for not saying anything to help his girls and my parents for not protecting me from the presence of this man.  I walked out feeling a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

It should be noted that there were many layers and sessions of inner chatter (childhood beliefs) that were dealt with before this one could ever have been addressed. Several were spent on dealing with my marriage and the ending to the marriage where my husband nearly took my life. By going back in time to those situations and becoming totally present to the issues, decisions and the feelings was paramount to dealing with and resolving my negative, self-destructive belief system.  By becoming totally present to the feelings it enables you to deal with the emotion, forgive yourself, as well as to let it go. You recognize what you have learned and how you have grow as a person and that from these experience you can live with trust in yourself that you can make good sound decisions. You do not have to let past fear rule your life.

Initially, I was a little reluctant to try Joanna’s method because I thought I was already taking the necessary steps to further my development: I had already completed a few self-development and leadership courses and I had mentors to help me identify and break patterns and achieve the results I was committed to achieve in my life.

I asked her how her exercise worked, and she explained how we would have a conversation where she would ask me questions with the intention of tapping into my subconscious mind in order to get in touch with that little girl that still needs to be heard and who makes decisions in my life which are sometimes in contradiction with and sabotaging to what I am trying to achieve as an adult woman. She said we would let the little girl be heard and then we would explain to her that I will always take care of her, and she never needs to be alone or afraid ever again, and we would give her a new job and convince her that the woman who I am now can be trusted to make all the decisions in our life. One thing that made me think: “This is different, I have to try it…” was that as she was telling me about what we would do, all of a sudden tears came to my eyes, and at that moment I understood that there really is a little girl in there that needs to be heard!

I tried Joanna’s method at a time when I was working on being more assertive in both my personal and professional life. I also wanted to understand why I was always feeling afraid and I desperately wanted to find a way to stop feeling like that. What we accomplished was precisely that, and a lot more! Joanna put me in the state of mind of that little girl who was afraid, and asked me all the right questions, out of which all my core beliefs became painfully clear! Then she made me present to who I am now, and had a conversation with me as the 27 year old woman, in which I understood how those core beliefs I developed when I was little were sabotaging my relationship with my parents, my relationship with men and my professional life, in the present. Then came the resolution process, which was spectacular: we opened a dialogue with the little girl and completed the fear she had been feeling, as well as replaced some sad images and experiences from the past with new, happy ones.
What came out for me, out of working with Joanna, was the acknowledgment of the woman that I am now, the acknowledgement of the responsibilities that I have, as a woman, and with that, a completely different manner of relating to myself, which manifested in being more assertive and straight in my communication with people. Another thing that I identified, was the reason why my personal life wasn’t working the way I wanted it to, which gave me access into ways of transforming who I am in relationships.

In overall, by working with Joanna I got extremely powerful insights into my core beliefs that my behavior was due to, how i was manifesting those beliefs in my everyday life, and the impact my actions had on myself and others. I feel that I have gained control over something that seemed impossible to understand before, and it powerfully transformed how I act in both my personal and professional life, it transformed the image I have of myself, bringing me much closer to accomplishing the goals I have set for myself.

I would recommend this exercise to anyone who is committed to understanding how their mind works, what stops them, and anyone who is committed to accomplishing breakthrough results! And as for Joanna… she is truly extraordinary and one of the most pleasant people i have had the opportunity to work with!

Thanks Joanna! You were simply amazing at getting me to realize how many of my decisions where based on an experience I had as a 7 year old girl!! This new realization and distinction has set me free to live the life I want as an adult…not one that was decided on many years ago as a child. I feel empowered to now “choose” what I want to do in life vs. what I “should” do. I feel powerful, peaceful and ready to build my dream life. You’re the best and thanks for making such a difference in my life!

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. After I had the first session with you I feel in a completely different space; it is a blessing to have people like you to pull me out from those places of confusion and darkness, thanks to you I can see different and I can be connected to reality again. I want to knowledge the time and effort you put into this beautiful work which is bringing so much clarity for many people which lead us to have a better and happier future……I love you and I thank you once again.  (client had struggled with sexual confusion for over 16 years.  She discovered that being raped by a family friend had destroyed her relationship to men and fear was always present.  At the end of the process, there was a complete shift in clarity and a desire returned to be with men.

(She is now dating men again and enjoying it.)

PNRT is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used to unblock things in my life I didn’t even know were blocked. Joanna is able to get right underneath an existing problem and connect it to your childhood experiences unlocking the main reasons why we have recurring issues. Books, counseling or courses over the duration of years haven’t been able to uncover what Joanna was able to get to in only 1 hour. Her passionate, yet gentle method immediately makes you feel relaxed and confident that she is guiding you down the path to total clarity. Once she helps you assess and then reset your subconscious thinking – your life totally skyrockets!

We just got off the phone and as I was walking up the stairs I started to sing out loud for the first time since I was young and the first words that came out of my mouth were… IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME  from Cher do you know the song? I don’t remember any other words from that song except those 6. What perfect words to come out of my mouth after my session with you.

Thanks again for helping me believe in me. You are amazing lady and I am very blessed to have you in my life.

(Client was told she could not and should not ever sing or express herself.  Was completely shut down in areas of expression and had never sang out loud from the age of 10years)

Thank you Joanna, I feel better, less hopeless, more confident in my possibility to recover and live my life, I want to see how I’m going to react in the next few weeks…Again thank you.

(Client suffered from anxiety everyday for over 20 years.  He visited countless therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and took medication for depression.  It was a 7 year old part who thought the ‘end of the world’ was coming and he was going to die.  He was confused about why no one else was upset about this inevitable disaster coming at any moment.)

God, I feel amazing getting on a plane and had to say thank you once again, haven’t felt this way in years, be well and looking forward to our next meeting.

(Client suffered from anxiety and anxiety attacks for 16 years)

I am feeling good.  I know that something is different.  It’s like you take something away that has been there all my life and I am not sure what I feel.  But like you said that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I know I will need more sessions to address the other issues that it created.  You will be seeing me again. I can see the light!

Thank you so much for the other night.  I’m still stunned about what happened.  You are amazing!

(Client discovered her beliefs about men were all about her father and that is why she is attracting cold non emotional men in her life where she has to try hard all the time)

Joanna I want to tell you how very much I appreciate all your love and support and the PNRT.  Your generosity has lifted my spirits higher than you know.  Last night I had the best night’s sleep in months… there was a huge shift.  Today I woke up feeling like it is my birthday (not really until June) but today I am living as though it were my birthday and miracles can happen!  I am all about celebration today! 

Thanks so much …I just want u to understand what an amazing feeling I have inside me at this time… the phone that kept ringing was my husband asking me if it was okay for him to go and get a treatment done at the clinic where the other woman works. I text him back and said its okay for him to go; I was okay.. that was a big step for me,  and then I texted back and said he has to set boundaries with this women. not to come in the room and talk while he is having a service.  That is a huge step for me to honor myself and set boundaries. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

(Clients husband cheated on her which uncovered all her insecurities and panic of not being good enough and control issues)

Results are definitely showing up: my Higher Self is finally standing up for herself, I am consciously opening myself to new things and getting out of my rut, dealing with any negative emotions when they come up, getting in dialogue, welcoming help even taking risks asking for help, much more aware and present to my inner talk, etc. I am beginning to think of what I want to create in my life, my house, etc.

I am really looking forward to continue working with you: the best is yet to come! Although I have only had two sessions with you, the shift in perspective, understanding and emotions that I feel inside me towards so many areas of my life are amazing and very encouraging. My inner voice tells me I am in the right track with the appropriate guide at this particular time and place of my journey on planet Earth.

I am so grateful for the time you gave to me on Thursday and for the process. I am incredibly inspired and excited. Still kind of groggy but I feel so different inside.

I’ve really felt a shift in things for myself since seeing you. It is exciting!

(Client had beliefs around lack of money)

I feel amazing!!!! Did amazing things for me and now I want to get to the next level…I am ready!!!

I have been meaning to email you, thank you so much for a great session on Monday.  Since our call I have been experiencing an inner peace that I have not felt in a long while.  I am finding myself less reactive and calmer, who would have thought. I really hope you will make this a program; to be a part of this with you would be an honor.  I can envision how I could use this process on my clients as a coach…very exciting! Truly amazing.

OMG, do you know what it has been like to have pain free sex?  We are like Rabbits again and the sky is the limit on positions…. it frees so good to give him what he wants and for me??? Well this is a dream.  I’m so excited just to tell my doctor what has happened…. if the fibroids are vanishing, I can’t wait to cancel my appointment for the hysterectomy doctor… wahoooo.

I just wanted to say I got a chance to listen to your interview on hayhouse and you were both amazing! Congratulations! I am so proud and so pleased to have had the opportunity to experience positive changes as a result of your process. The world is a better place because of the work you both do-thank you!!!